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Day 9 slight pain



Junior member
Sep 25, 2017
Hi everyone!
I’m new here and I wanted to discuss something. I had my wisdom teeth on both bottom sides removed on the 16th of this month under IV sedation. Everything went good. The recovery process has been hard. That Saturday after surgery I fainted due to the anesthesia. I still have a fear of dry socket. When Can I get over this? I stopped taking my Tylenol 3 with codeine on around the 6th day because the pain had subsided. Well last night I sneezed. I had not sneezed since the entire week up until then. And I’m so scared to develop dry socket now. Does dry socket pain come in suddenly or gradually? I know it sounds silly. I woke up today with some pressure on my left bottom side but my right side is completely fine. Not enough to cause pain but enough to feel uncomfortable. My question is if this is normal? Also, The dental office did not give my a syringe as they stated it wasn’t needed and that it increases infection. I’ve been using salt water rinses but I feel like that’s not enough to get the food out of the holes which is also why I haven’t started eating much solids yet. I’m so scared to get food back there. I have a follow up with my OS Friday so I have to wait a few more days to discuss that with him and inform him of the pressure I’m feeling.

I'm not a dentist, but after this much time you should really not be at risk for dry socket. If you're concerned, you can always call your dentist.