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Days away from 34… struggle daily with deep depression & suicidal thoughts about my teeth



Junior member
Mar 13, 2024
Perth WA
How are we expected to find money for dental help? People say get a job, it’s humiliating even talking with awful teeth.
I’m so angry with myself, I’m doing a uni degree but it’s taking me so so long because I have 2 neurodivergent children and have myself been medicated since I was 10 years old for anxiety and depression.

These medications cause dry mouth and amongst other things have rotted my whole mouth. I just can’t beat it anymore! Lifeline is useless to me, because they cannot relate to this messed up catch 22 I am stuck in that is ruining every day of my life!

I’m from Perth - is anyone else feeling the same? Do you ever feel terrified to see a dentist?? I find them to be so judgemental and no compassion and they cost extreme amounts of money.

If I have to get dentures because that’s all I can afford how will I ever find love or be able to love myself? The idea disgusts me and I loathe myself. I just want a compassionate dentist who will help me with a payment plan but they refuse because I’m a single mother and a student and don’t have time to work.

I feel like I’m never heard… and terrified about reaching out to a dentist again. I’m in terrible pain with my wisdom tooth it’s hurting my ear and jaw, but I can’t go to a dentist because even with Afterpay it’s too expensive. So what is the point?!
Please, please don't give up! I too take medicine for anxiety and depression. The thing about anxiety and depression is they both LIE! Depression tells us " Things are hopeless" and anxiety says " It's all my fault"! Don't believe those lies. There ARE dentists out there who will understand. More and more healthcare is being more educated on anxiety, depression, etc... and it's effects on the human body and healing process. You Will find a caring empathetic dentist. Something else that helps me, besides prayers, 99 percent of what we worry about never happens! Much love to you and your family! God bless!
Sorry to hear you're having trouble. I know how bad you can feel approaching a dentist and feel that they are being judgemental. Very often though, what we perceive as judgementalism is actually our own judgement of ourselves (embarrassment in other words) that we are projecting onto the dentist. I know how debilitating this can be as it was this more than fear of dentistry that stopped me from seeing a dentist for forty years. The shame and depression can be crippling. When approaching frontal tooth loss really forced me to act (and I needed the forcing) it turned out not to be so bad after all and I was surprised that rectification wasn't as bad as I'd feared. What will help, if you can stretch to it financially, is having work done under IV sedation. Again, don't worry about the possibilty of dentures, they may well not be necessary. If they are look at chrome dentures. They don't look good out of the mouth but are unobtrusive in place. It could well be best to find a dentist who advertises that they look after nervous patients and inititially book an appointment just to talk about how you feel. It might well end with a quick examiniation which could be more hopeful than you currently imagine. Hoping you find a way through soon.