Dead, necrotised gum over wisdom tooth socket...



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Jul 14, 2018
Hey there. Freaking out a bit today.

I had all four wisdom teeth out last Monday (roughly 5 and a bit days ago). It was a traumatic experience and has been a painful recovery. Three out of the four sockets seem to be okay, but one of them seems pretty messed up...

On my upper-left, the surgeon seemed to really struggle to get this tooth out and put stitches in it after (the other three were left open, which I believe is common in the UK). On inspection, it looks like he really ripped up my gums and put a tear either side to get the tooth out.

Obviously this has been stitched back together, but it seems the resulting lump of gum that covers the socket is now in fact DEAD. It has turned white and touching or poking it (yeah, I know...) provides absolutely no sensation - there is no feeling in it at all. I can only conclude that this big lump of gum was somehow broken and connection to the rest of my mouth was broken, causing it to die.

In addition, the smell and taste in my mouth right now is disgusting. I have noticeably bad breath and it seems to be mostly from this area.

Should I be worried about this? The section of gum is not a small bit, it's a lump about the size of your small fingernail and covers the socket. I'm worried that I've essentially got a dying piece of flesh in my mouth, which I assume is not great for hygeine reasons.

Should I leave it do its thing, or call the dentists? I did call before and they said a bit of necrotised gum is normal and it would fall off eventually, leaving new gum to grow back. However, it's a fairly big bit and I do not want to continue with the foul breath any longer!



Dec 20, 2017
I would leave it alone and go back to the dentist and get them have a look at it. If it's nothing, at least it will put your mind at ease.