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Decay under crown?



Jan 2, 2021
hello! I currently have a bottom premolar tooth root canaled and crowned. It has a Cerec crown and the tooth is already quite small and was pretty badly decayed.

I am so nervous right now because I have noticed a bad taste coming out of the tooth. whenever I suck on it, it’s like a bad taste that oozes into my mouth. There is some gray that I can see between the crown and the molar behind it. That’s I can see as the gap is small.

I’m panicing right now that I have decay under the crown and I’m going to lose my tooth because there is already so little of my natural tooth left. :(

Is this foul taste rot?
No. But it sounds like you need to get the gum area checked out.
Hey Gordon!

Update! So I went to my dentist who did a deep clean and scaling of gums. He looked at the crown and did X-rays. He did not find any decay under the crowned tooth so he’s saying it’s fine. I still however have this bad taste coming from the tooth. Is it possible that the X-ray did not pick up the decay?
Is it possible that the X-ray did not pick up the decay?
It's possible but not likely. Give it some time for the gum to heal and see how it goes.