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Decay under gum



May 24, 2020
I’m an idiot for not taking care of my teeth earlier. I’m in early twenties and I have a lot of cavities to take care of. I’m due a check up at the dentist soon and I’m nervous. I have what I think are called gum line cavities on my bottom front teeth. I can move the gum to see that there is decay. How do they perform fillings if it’s under my gum?
Also the loose gums in front of my bottom teeth, is that what is considered to be periodontal pockets? What can be done?
Hi Samereynolds,

don't blame yourself for not taking care of your teeth earlier, you can simply start now.. Glad you will be having a check up. I don't know about cavities under the gum line being filled, but I know that if you haven't seen a dentist for a while, then things may look worse than they are, so better wait for the opinion of a dentist. If you have any gum problems, a cleaning and a good home care should take care of it.