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Decaying tooth. Very scared and need opinions



Jan 27, 2013
I am new to this site and I have a very important question. I have a tooth that is decayed well beyond my gums. There is even a little hole up in the gums and not much tooth at all left (only the roots). I know it should have been removed very long ago before this happened but its too late for that. I have an appointment in one week which is to evaluate which teeth I need removed, then I will have surgery to remove them in about another week. I have three wisdom teeth that will be extracted on that day, and two other teeth that have severe cavities. My question is about the tooth that is up in my gums. I am so terrified that the infection will spread before my appointment and will kill me. Or that the infection has already spread through my mouth and close to my brain. I'm sorry if tht sounds crazy but I am honestly terrified for my life. There is little pain with the tooth, the gums around it are sore and I sometimes does hurt but isn't bad. I have had an infected tooth in the past and pain with that was unbearable and I knew I was in danger. With this one there is very little pain, no swelling either. Do you guys think I am okay to wait 4 more days until my appointment or should I rush to the et? Thanks in advance for any answers.
Hello scared 1234,
I just had a wisdom tooth extracted and I developed an infection..I thought the pain was normal and waited 11 days to go to the doctor..The doctor prescribed Amoxicillin...So even though your tooth hurts I really don't think the infection will harm you more by waiting 4 days..But If you are like me I imagine all kinds of bad things happening to me with an infection..That is why I went to the E.R....I felt better after I did...I think you are fine either way..
Thanks for your response. That makes me feel better. I had an infected tooth last October and it hurt so bad that I couldn't even think, it was unbearable. And it even made me sick, I was dizzy and everything. And I kept it that bad for about a week before getting it out and even then the doctor never said it was severely infected, just prescribed me antibiotics and said it was infected. And this one is nowhere close to hurting that bad. The only thing is, i'm afraid since the tooth is decayed so badly that I won't even know if I have a bad infection or not. I'm just so worried.
I totally understand! I have a lower wisdom tooth now with a filling that is decayed and hurting..and I need to make an appoinment to get all three wisdoms out..I'm terrified..LOL The doctor I saw for my tooth infection said it would take awhile for an infection to kill me and that I'd know if I had one..He said Id have a fever of at least 100,alot of pain,maybe swollen glands(which he checked for)...I was really worried..Its funny we both worried about brain infections..LOL....You will be fine.. just get it fixed in 4 days and you will feel better...Let me know how it turns out for you..I'm making an appoinment tomorrow and getting it over with..Then I'm planning on getting ready for partials...
Lol yeah it is really comforting knowing i'm not the only one who has worried about that lol. I know it might sound irrational to other people but to me it seems like it could really happen. It's good to know your dentist said that there would be no question if the infection were bad enough. That's something I was really worried about, just the not knowing part. Thank you so much and good luck with your appointment too :)
thank you! I need all the luck I can get...It has to be done so I will do it..!!! And we may sound irrational but an infection can cause alot of trouble!!! If you need to talk PM me..
Thank you! Feel free to do the same :)