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Deep cavity filled a week ago, persistent pain, sometimes throbbing



Junior member
Nov 21, 2013
Hey everyone,

A week ago, I had a filling done on a top right molar. The dentist said it was a deep cavity. I had pain only when biting into food (even soft) so he filed it down. Pain was much better after but it still hurt to bite into semi-hard food. I returned today and he filed it down once more and mentioned that I may need a root canal if the throbbing continues. He told me to avoid chewing on that side of the mouth for a while, take advil, and that the filling could be sensitive for a while (2 months?!) after.

A few days after the filling, I've been noticing a throbbing that comes and goes. In general, it's a lot more painful now than it was after he filed it down. It was a white filling and I don't have enough $ for a root canal. I'm at a loss on what I should do! I also don't qualify for a lot of the low-income dentistry work around here as I'm just over the threshold.

Should I wait this out and see if the sensitivity to biting ceases?
Hi :welcome: to the forum.

If you can bare it and the pain meds can calm things down enough for you to live with it, I would give it a chance. If not go back and discuss it further with your dentist. :butterfly:
Hi Jbean,

I would give the tooth some time. This tends to happen with white composite fillings, especially deep ones. I had a very deep cavity drilled and filled a few months ago and it is now just starting to feel normal. I had some throbbing and sensitivity for weeks after the procedure. Just give it some time and have your dentist carefully watch it. Sorry you are in pain!

Thank you for your replies. My tooth is still giving me problems... the throbbing has mainly stopped but still no dice on chewing. I'll check in with the dentist soon if it doesn't get better.