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Deep clean fear



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Apr 3, 2011
Hello. I am getting nervous about this treatment next week. A deep pocket spot was found between two teeth on my upper left incisor. That whole quadrant is being cleaned as all gaps have been susceptible to pockets in the past, but so far not deep, it is an awkward area to clean, mainly crowns.

I am sure this is the best way forward, preventatively and to lessen the one deep pocket but I am scared because I have never had this done before. I really dont like anaesthetics - the feeling numb and cant remember if I have ever had the whole of one quadrant numbed.

Will my eye be numb, my nose, I always worry a nerve will be hit or the numbness won't ever go away. I am also worried about pain after, my gums dont currently hurt but when prodded during dental work they are often much sorer than toothache. Am I getting nervous for no reason? I have had root canals, extractions and crowns but never this and for some reason it is filling me with fear :( Can anyone explain what this treatment entails and what sort of after effects I should expect - the appointment is 40 mins
When I had mine done I found it to be much more comfortable than a regular cleaning, since I was numb and it didn't hurt me at all like regular cleanings do. I had all my teeth done in 2 appointments, 1 side at a time. my eyes and nose did not get numb. there was some mild sensitivity to cold for a few days afterwards, but no actual toothache or any trouble eating or chewing. they also squirted antibiotics into my pockets and gave me a prescription mouthwash and an oral antibiotic.
Thank you for sharing your experience, feel a bit better hearing it.

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