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Deep clean



Junior member
Feb 22, 2018
I need a deep clean over two appointments - I havnt been to the dentist for any work to be done as I’m absolutely petrified. I’m also petrified of needles, I can’t afford sedation so my question is can they use a numbing gel so I don’t feel them do the local aneasthetic? Will the numbing stuff really work? And will I feel anything
Hi there, they don't use sedation for dental cleaning, but don't worry it doesn't hurt, you will feel some pressure but it will be ok, do you have periodontitis or gingivitis?
I go private so they did offer me sedation for this, I think it’s gingivitis - my main fear is the needle and how many will I need
My coworker had gingivitis and went for 2 sessions of deep cleaning. He told me that he had his done without any anaesthesia so no injections were needed. Perhaps call your dental office and find out more about the procedure and what they will or can provide to make things more comfortable for you?
There's a numbing gel specifically for gum treatment, you should be able to get that.
I had a deep cleaning and then a root planing (on just four teeth), and for the deep cleaning she just used some numbing gel, and when I went back later for the root planing we didn't use anything. It was uncomfortable here and there, but nothing too bad considering I have a VERY low threshold for pain! (lol)
I had a root planing and scaling about a year and a half ago, They used topical and local, I didn't feel the local at all, and there was one point I felt some slight pain on scaling she immediately stopped and gave me more local which I didn't feel because the area was numb already it just gave me. so the whole experience outside that one small pain was really painfree. :).
Oh sorry in my country they don't use anything numbing about gingivitis cleaning treatment, I had one myself, did it in three appointments:rolleyes:
I hope they were very gentle with you Aprhro 24!

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