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Deep cleaning and extraction



Junior member
Dec 22, 2019
Hello, I will be having a deep cleaning and extraction of a broken wisdom tooth the same day. My gums are swollen due to infection. I am so scared! I have some teeth that feel a little loose and I’m afraid of loosing them that day. Is that possible?? Can I loose teeth that same day of deep cleaning? Also can they do extraction and deep cleaning that same day? I asked for them to sedate me due to my anxiety attacks.
No, you won't lose loose teeth during a cleaning. It's not that easy to take teeth out, even slightly loose ones!

Yes, no problem doing the extraction and cleaning at the same time, makes sense to do it if you're being sedated anyway.
Hi, I had a wisdom tooth extraction and deep cleaning on the same day and it was fine. I thought all my teeth were loose but since my deep cleaning my mouth feels better and I feel reassured that my gums are being properly looked after. I was terrified pre dentist visit but it was OK and nothing to worry about

This is great news things went well and it was nothing to worry about!!!:welldone: