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deep cleaning and fillings tomorrow- scared!



Junior member
Aug 11, 2009
I'm so thankful that I found this forum. I, like many of the other posts I've read here, neglected my dental visits for over 10 years. But after seeing one too many 1800 dentist ads, last week I decided to just make an appointment. Just making the call was nervewracking enough. I made it through the appointment, they found I needed 3 "small" (well that's what they said) fillings, and a deep cleaning. They said that wasn't so bad for not having been to the dentist in so long. So I scheduled the first part (they said I needed two visits total) for tomorrow. I'm going to get my fillings done (they're all on one side) and the first half of the deep cleaning. Even though the dentist and hygenist seem really nice, I'm still so scared. they mentioned they will do a "probing" first, and that that will not involve any numbing- does that hurt? someone told me that is when they stick a needle in between your teeth and gum to see when it bleeds. Does that mean I'll have a full bloody mouth? how long does that take? they said the whole first visit will to take an hour and a half. I've never had a deep cleaning before so i'm just really anxious about it. any words of wisdom or help would be greatly appreciated!


Well-known member
Mar 30, 2009
omaha, nebraska
My dentist did quite of probing when I first started with her and she told me it was just to check the general condition of my teeth. This was not painful and there were no needles or blood involved.

Keep us posted!


Mar 8, 2009
Staffordshire, UK
I had a deep clean and it was a bit uncomfortable - no way was it painful! I probably 'jumped' once.

Within an hour I was stuffing jacket potato and cheese down my face - even though I'd bought loads of soup cos I thought that would be all I'd manage.

There was a little bit of bleeding but stopped almost immediately.

I hadn't been for 24 years so sure you will have an even better time.

Good luck and post after it's done to update us!