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Deep cleaning before having a routine cleaning?



Junior member
Sep 11, 2014
Hello. Recently went to dentist in the first time for 20 years. Teeth were examined. Was told I had gingivitis and should get a quad deep cleaning with perio scale and root planning. Thing is, I never actually had a routine cleaning during this exam. Shouldn't that be done before the deep cleaning appointments? Bit confused.

Thank you!
Hi there, in 2008 I went to a new dentist after a 5 year break. He looked at my teeth and gums and said I should have a deep cleaning. I didn't hav ea regular cleaning first. he said once the gums were under control and healthy again I could have regular cleanings.

I don't think this is uncommon. Of course get a second opinion though if you are uncomfortable :)
oh and if you have gingivitis a regular cleaning won't really do the trick.
oh and if you have gingivitis a regular cleaning won't really do the trick.

Oh, I have no problem with the deep cleaning. I just thought it was odd they wouldn't want to clean the teeth first. Thanks for the prompt reply!
no problem! I was really worried aobut when I was told I had to have one. It was not a big deal really

I didn't want shots if I could avoid it so they just did a local gel, it worked on one quadrant at a time and that was sufficient. I did bleed some and the gums were sore for a couple days but nothing major :)

good luck with your journey!
also I would really recommend using a waterpik after you floss 2x a day. It has helped me get my gums in great shape. Floss, use the waterpik, brush and then sometimes use a rinse.
I needed the same thing..a reg cleaning from what i understand would have really been a moot point..i as well needed a deep cleaning and because of high blood pressure needed a different numbing medication. Had all 4 quadrants done in one day and took about 2.5 hrs. My experience was great no residual pain afterwards as its a pretty intrusive cleaning to prevent or stop gum disease..just more or less tiring sitting there for the whole time not being able to talk..i was put on a periodontal cleaning schedule for every 3 months instead of every 6 like a normal cleaning. After the deep cleaning and maintenance at home i am now on an every 4 month schedule for cleaning due to great progress...it gets better..get the initial stuff over and yes we know that all sucks..but after that it gets nothing but better..i so wish i did this earlier
Seems fairly normal to me :)

Do your best in the meantime to brush, floss and maybe use interdental brushes really well, it’ll make the cleaning easier and your gums will respond a lot quicker!