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Deep cleaning before or after fillings????



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Oct 11, 2016
I went to a highly recommended very kind dentist after at least 14 years (other than my emergency root canal) 3 years ago. I FINALLY got myself back but I'm confused about the plan the dentist has me on. He just did x-rays but said next time he would be trying to do one to 3 fillings and then I would need a deep clean on my next two visits for my periodontal disease. Shouldn't he be cleaning my teeth of the years of tartar and plaque first or is it okay that he's going to do the fillings first? I have much more work to be done but he said trying to take in steps for my finances. I am also very fearful because he said he was worried that one tooth upper 2nd molar might need a root canal but he was going to try and fill it first to see if he could save the tooth. But can he really see what should be done without cleaning my teeth first???:(
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Sep 3, 2016
United States
It's perfectly OK to do fillings before doing the deep cleaning. If there is any residual plaque or tartar in the area where the filling needs to be placed, it will be removed at the same time as the cavity. The biggest challenge when you have gum disease is that gums tend to bleed more easily and it can be more difficult to place the filling with good isolation. It can be done but it takes a little more effort.