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Deep Cleaning can teeth be polished



Junior member
Mar 25, 2013
This is my first time doing a deep cleaning with this dentist...I realized after I left that she didn't do a polishing of teeth at the end as the dentist would with a cleaning. Is this this the norm?:(
I'm not sure. My hygenist asked me if I wanted it at my last appointment and I said 'sure'...but I imagine I could have said 'no' so maybe its not the important part of the clean....would love to know what a dentist says too!
It's not essential but some people like it, if you do then ask for it :)
I've had two appointments with the Hygeinist over the past 4 months and mine really just concentrates on cleaning the gum line and pereodontal pockets. I've never had a "polish" but as I say mine is helping me get on top of gum disease prior to having crowns on my remaining "real" teeth ( I also have a partial denture) so that may be the reason or it could be that I am an NHS patient exempt from charges and so don't "qualify" for any polishing lol
Oh deep cleaning! I have my first on Friday 12th. Just a quick question, does it hurt guys? :( ?
No, it really shouldn't. If it does, complain and ask for something to be done about it.