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Deep cleaning success story



Junior member
Jun 5, 2024
Hello everyone I just got back from the dentist and I had my full mouth deep cleaning done successfully! I was so nervous and shaking but my dentist put me at ease! The first step was topical application of anesthetic then came all the injections! I hardly felt it plus I had my ear buds in and listened to music in order to calm and distract me! After I was numb the scaling began and I never felt it! Then after the dentist did all that the hygienist came in to polish and floss! The dentist returned to inject 9 areas of my gums with Arestin antibiotic medication! I was given post-treatment instructions and sent home! The whole procedure took 1 1/2 hours she did a fantastic job! I didn’t have much plaque because I just had a general cleaning 2 weeks ago from another dentist! Anyway I had to wait one hour before eating or drinking anything! Okay now I can eat my mashed potatoes! Have a great day everyone!

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