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Deep filling sensitivity



Junior member
Mar 21, 2024
Hi again.
the deep filling on my bottom left molar i got about a month ago has become a little sensitive. but only when i wake up? it’s sensitive when i bite down. and then throughout the day feels fine with no sensitivity. i’m really worried about needing a root canal (i know they arent a big deal but for my mental it really is).
if i needed a root canal or something was really wrong it would probably be hurting and sensitive constantly, correct? rather than just sensitive every once in a while like when i wake up? i’m not having any pain. i hope this makes sense. help ):
I should add,
i had a wisdom tooth extracted on friday. upper left. the first time i felt the sensitivity was when they had me bite down on the gauze. could it be because of that i irritated the filling/tooth with the pressure? i havent chewed on this side since before the deep filling (due to my anxiety about this filling) so maybe biting down on something made it angry?
You might be grinding/clenching in your sleep, if the filling is a little bit too high this will cause you some tenderness on biting in the morning. Give your dentist a call and ask to check it.
Thank you for your reply. i went in today, explained the situation. they took a look and readjusted my bite and said that could have been my problem. however i’m still feeling that weird sensitive feeling ): should i ask for a second opinion possibly? or is it still sensitive because of what they did today? they said i dont need any root canal. and fitted me for a night guard. however the sensation drives me crazy and causes me a lot of anxiety.
Give it a little bit longer.