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Deep filling , weird suction feeling



Apr 18, 2021
Well here I am again. Been a few years since being on here with all my trauma in the past. Still thankful for this community.

So I have 1 tooth with a deep filling which was done 3 Years ago now (never had pain or any issues with tooth but dentist pre-empted issues saying it needed a deep filling asap)

It's mostly been fine how ever this year I've noticed a strange sensation on/around that tooth that I can only describe as a weird suction feeling like almost as if the filling is being pulled out. This feeling happens only with certain food which only confuses me more . Foods like meat, especially like chicken but then also sometimes things like cheese or toasties. The feeling isn't painful but it is uncomfortable.

I do trust my dentist and he has gotten me through so much, we definitely have almost a friendship now really . But due to my past teeth traumas I can't help question things.

He believes it could be a microscopic gap between the filling and the tooth. The filling is in 2 places so almost like 3 parts of tooth . He thinks the feeling I'm getting is from liquid or saliva ect rushing into the gap on the release.

He says ideally a crown is the way to go. I've had 1 before and it's all good but I'm terrified to go through another change in my mouth.

Had anyone else experienced this? Is this definitely whats happening? Xrays didn't show anything. And he did a pressure test on all parts of the tooth and it was fine... crowns are so expensive sigh... I just want to never have to bloody worry about my teeth again...

Sorry for long post .. if ur still reading ur amazing thank u x
Hi @Blondey209
This is a rather unusual sensation. I do not think anyone would be able to speculate as to the cause in any meaningful way without seeing the tooth in the flesh so to speak. I guess your options are to go with your dentists suggestion, get a second opinion or leave it for a bit to see if it settles or changes.
Hope it works out for the best

Thanks Lincoln appreciate your reply.

Unfortunately I think your right , not many options. I'm just so nervous to have a big change in mouth again. But might have to have a crown to be safe.