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Deep filling with crack



Junior member
Jan 13, 2013
One of my upper premolars has an older composite deep filling which had a small amount of decay on the side of it. 3 weeks ago my dentist discovered a crack on this tooth which was obviously where the decay was. He didn’t need to remove the filling completely but did remove the decay and drilled part of the tooth where the crack was and then filled/bonded the tooth. The bite is fine but I am still having pain in this tooth which seems to be getting worse. The pain is intermittent at times but seems to be more constant at this point and feels like a deep ache which seems to refer to the neighboring teeth. I can chew on it although I am avoiding doing so. Would a root canal be the next step? How would we know how deep the crack is? I’m hoping it doesn’t need to be extracted as I needed an extraction on a back molar last year due to a crack, (I am a grinder/clencher). Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated.
Thank you
There's not much I can tell you, sorry, cracks are massively unpredictable, it might settle down again, a root canal might be needed and might fix it or it might not.