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Deep overbite caused by upper wisdom teeth



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May 26, 2018
Hi, i'm a 33 yo female who at the age 21 started to experience a small changes in the upper jaw which continuing over time until now, at the beginning i felt like the right upper and lower teeth started to knock each other when talking and eating causing uncomfortable feeling, after time the upper front teeth seemed like it became more forward than it used to be and the uncomfortable feeling when eating and talking extremely increased and difficulty in spelling some alphabet occurred. During all these years i visited some general dentists who said that such changing in the jaw can only start to occur in childhood and not in my age which made me stop visiting detests for a while. Now in addition to all these symptoms i started to experience excessive pressure caused by the upper jaw on the lower jaw specially when sleeping causing difficulty in sleeping, so i currently visited two other dentists who both said that such a badbite can be occur because of a certain pressure caused by the upper wisdom teeth on the other upper teeth which caused them slowly to move forward over time so i should remove the upper wisdom teeth. Which confusing me is that the opinion of one of them is that braces can get its benefit with me, while the other's opinion is that braces can't get my teeth to the normal shape because of my age.
I will remove my upper wisdom teeth, but regarding the braces which one of the dentists is right.
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Hi Karim,

it is not unusual to get different opinions from different dentists so this is just an another proof of that. I am surprised to hear that you couldn't benefit from braces at your age.. This statement is very contradictory to the existence and success of clear braces. They are clear in order to be invisible so that all the adult people who wish to get straight teeth do not look like teenagers with metal on their teeth. So there obviously are adult people who get braces.. by the way, 33 is 33, what a weird thing to even call it 'age' :confused:

What I have heard is that while children's teeth can stay straight, adults might need a thing called a 'retainer' in order for the straighten teeth to stay in place, otherwise they might get shifted again. So maybe this was what the dentist meant.

All the best wishes