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Delayed Onset Infection after wisdom teeth removal



Junior member
Apr 25, 2024
Got all 4 wisdom teeth extracted 19 days ago. I thought I was doing well with recover, following post op directions very carefully. Yesterday, I went for my follow up exam and the surgeon discovered that both upper and lower left side had the beginnings of delayed onset infection. He gave me a 10 day course of amoxicillin. Wants to see me in a week, saying if it not better he will have to numb me and then open the site back up to clean it out. The night before the follow up appointment, I woke up in the middle of the night w/ fever like chills (i didnt actually take my temp), I was shivering and so cold I actually got out of bed and took a hot shower. I went back to bed and then woke up drenched in sweat hours later. Today, the day after the follow up, my gums are very tender on that side and I can get some pus to come out when I press on it. Its nasty. My lower jaw/chin/neck on that side hurt when I press on it. Kind of like a swollen lymph node.

I feel so defeated and upset by all this. I really thought I was doing well and now its like I just got blind sided by this. Is there anything else I can be doing to help my self? I am also irrigating w/ warm salt water. How likely is it that the antibiotics will work and I wont need to get numbed and cut open? How bad is it if I do need that done?
Fairly likely that the antibiotics will sort it out for you. If necessary though, the surgery is not nearly as bad as it sounds, I agree it sounds terrifying but it's not even 1% as bad as the extractions in the first place!
Update: I was put on the antibiotics on Monday, by Wednesday morning, I felt like the infection was getting worse, as I was having pain under my chin and my upper molars felt tight or pressure, very hard to describe, and there was pus discharging from the gum in the far back. Oral Surgeon had me come back in on wednesday. He numbed me top and bottom, and then re-opened the sites. He said there was a bone spicule in the top that was causing the infection and removed it. Cleaned out the bottom as well. Today is now Friday, still on antibiotics, feels better I guess, but I am worried that it could still be infected.
Thanks for the update, I hope it continues to improve for you.
Infection cleared up, went back for a follow up and it looked good. Went for second follow up 2 weeks or so later, top was healing nicely. Bottom left now inflamed and pus when he poked on it w/ explorer. Took panoramic xray and could see bone spicule. Dr said it was not there when he debrided the site 3 weeks ago. He removed 2 spicules, one was probably about 4.5 mm long. Back on antibiotics again, and back to having a big socket hole.

When will the spicules stop coming out? Where do they come from I can not find a straight answer on it? Is it jaw bone fragments? tooth fragment? whats the deal? Thank you Gordon!
It's bits of bone that are flaking off, it can happen if the edges of the socket are quite thin, the bits of bone at the outer edge have a fairly poor blood supply so the extreme ends just die off and your body excretes them out of the socket.