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Dent in crown from biting nails



Junior member
Feb 7, 2018
One of my front upper teeth is crowned. The other isn't, but probably needs to crowning in the near future as it's quite brittle. Prior to the crown, both my teeth had a small divot in the biting surface of the tooth, which I'm quite sure is due to nail biting. Obviously the crown didn't have this, but over the last year, the same divot has developed in the tip of the crown. I can't feel it with my tongue, but I can feel it with my nail as I run it along the surface.

Should I be concerned? I know I should stop biting my nails, and I'm trying, but it's a long time habit that I can't break. But is the divot a cause for concern or is it purely a cosmetic issue? The crown doesn't have any other chips or cracks.

Thanks in advance.
Cosmetic issue.