dental advances? (carisolv)



I found this information today from a british dentists website, opinions welcomed:
'It is now possible to have fillings done with little or no drilling. This has been made possible with the use of a Gel developed in Sweden called CARISOLV which is able to dissolve away tooth decay.'

Now whilst my holes might be beyond salvation with this if it's true and it works it might get people through the door before there holes are too big!!!


Dr Miller uses another gel developed in Sweden, which can help regrow back gum and boney tissue previously lost to gum disease. The gel is called EMDOGAIN and its use can help to maintain teeth in the mouth which have been compromised by gum disease.

Now this I like the sound of, could it save the tooth I've become resigned to losing?


I've used Carisolv in the past. It has its strengths and weaknesses, it does work but only for open decay, it won't affect healthy tooth which is a problem because decay tends to work by making a small hole through enamel and then spreading under the enamel through the dentine. The enamel is undermined and crumbles away.
To get to the decay therefore you nearly always have to use a handpiece on the enamel which kind of defeats the point.
Also most decay seen in adults is secondary decay around existing fillings and Carisolv won't touch that.
The good news is that the Carisolv tastes nice and generally doesn't hurt to be used.
Nothing will save a tooth with substantial bone loss through gum disease. There are no magic potions and lotions. Sorry.