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Dental anxiety support group



Apr 30, 2020

I can't be the only one battling with tooth-related anxiety almost daily? Would anyone want to start a support group online? I'm not fully sure yet how to do it, but for example in Whatsapp.
I feel like I would need a safe space and a support group where we could share our own worries but also celebrate victories.

Let me know if anyone would be up for this or if groups like these already exist!
Hi @A_95, that sounds like a great idea! As you probably know, Dental Fear Central was set up for the purpose of helping those with an extreme fear of the dentist/dental procedures/specific fears when it comes to the dentist, rather than dental worrying. The fact that dentists refer to a fear of the dentist as "dental anxiety" confuses matters even more! So I've often thought that a separate website dedicated to dental health anxiety/dental-related worrying would be a brilliant idea.

I'd be quite happy to set up a website that could link to your group (whether that be a whatsapp group, a forum, or a Facebook group). If somebody (like yourself perhaps?) would like to contribute articles or pages on dental health anxiety, that would be even better... please feel free to PM me if you're interested!

P.S. I'm not aware of the existence of such a group, otherwise, we would have signposted people there long ago! Though I'd also be keen to find out if any such groups exist...
I would be interested in joining a group