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Dental Chain - Went to my new dentist!



Junior member
Jun 7, 2013
I went into my new dentist office - My grandma gave me some medicine to relax me, but I still almost had a panic attack in the waiting room. There were kids there so I managed to calm myself down. My new dentist is SO NICE, she said she was willing to explain everything, but I told her I really didn't want to go too much into detail because I was having bad anxiety. She was very understanding and very gentle.

As far as my diagnosis goes, she said my teeth does have a lot of decay and stuff, but instead of needing 9 root canals, or "probably 2 root canals and a lot of fillings" and "probably 4 root canals and a lot of fillings", she instead told me that I MIGHT need 4 root canals, she's going to see how it goes but they may just need fillings! I also need a lot of fillings total, I think about 12.. but I'm SO HAPPY IT'S JUST FILLINGS! I was so afraid that I would need such extensive work done!! Thank you everyone for your support, I really don't think I would have been able to get through this without everyone's help. YAY!! ;D
I am pleased for you that you managed to find a dentist you could trust and be able to get the treatment you need. Good for you :jump::jump::jump::cheer::dance2::cheer::yayy::butterfly: