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Dental check up tomorrow after nearly 3 years.



Sep 25, 2019
My last trip for a.check.up with my dentist was Sept 2019........pre pandemic. My.last trip to.my Periodontist was March this year for a hygienist session having seen my Periodontist Nov 21 for my yearly check up.

Why then do I feel so nervous?......it's ridiculous, I have a strict cleaning regime which I've stuck to for the last 20 years since being referred for periodontal treatment. I'm fine visiting him.because it's my gums he's focussing on, yet all week I've felt so nervous about this dental check up thinking he's going to.uncover all.sorts that have been brewing for the last 32 mths. I was only called in for my check up about a month ago, I guess dental and are.getting back to.normal.

Am I the only one who feels this way.?......it's really illogical, please share your thoughts.
Hi Tolkienista,

You are not alone.. I think when we are in a pattern and going regularly its like building this positive momentum and we keep going along a good pace we remember the good experiences that ground us for the next appt not making it so nervous butwhen we stop and things change even if we now logically its ok and we've been doing all we can , its stil like you have to get that momentum going again, you are not the only one. I think also with that space between anxiety can fill in the blanks of what to expect.. which makes one nervous to go back. just my thoughts :)
Ah thanks krlovesherkids777

I think that word "momentum" is spot on. I agree that anxiety sets in and it's filled with thoughts of what they're going to find, especially if I have an x ray too. Anyway, there's 3 hours to go and my stomach is doing somersaults, feeling super anxious.........but I'll stick on a smile and see it through.

Thanks for your thoughts.
I hope it went well Tolkiensta! Let us know!
Ah thank you for remembering........yes it went very well. I was taken on time and after a bit of chat about the pandemic and how it had affected the practice and how I'd continued to see my periodontist and hygienist sessions, it was open wide and in he went probing around.

Then I had two x rays done, because the last ones had been done in 2019 and he was pleased, everything is stable, nothing untoward and my dental regime is serving me well. In fact he said he wishes some of his patients diagnosed with gum problems could take on my attitude to working on it at home.

Exit one happy lady! relieved that my stupid anxiety about a simple check up was completely out of order.
@Tolkienista May I ask if you changed your diet after your periodontitis diagnosis 20 years ago? Or lifestyle changes? When did you first find out? Did you catch it at its earliest stage?
Good question.........did I change my diet? absolutely not. It was never mentioned by my periodontist at any appointment in all honesty. I always start the day with a bowl of porridge, I adore porridge for breakfast! Followed by a slice of wholemeal toast with marmalade and a small cup of tea. As the day progresses, my diet goes downhill a bit. More chocolate creeps in and sweet treats, I adore chocolate! I never drink fizzy drinks as a rule during the day, only if I'm out with a meall I eat fruit and veg too and I love cheese and crackers in the evening.

As for lifestyle changes, the biggest change I've made is rigidly sticking to a strict cleaning regime every night, no matter how tired I am. I'm not going to pretend it's easy it's not, but it has resulted in my dental issues being very stable for the last 20 years, the change has been dramatic. Once you get used to it, it's ok and I'm very nifty with my dental tape and interdental brushes, but you have to be motivated to do all the elements.
When I first found out, I was in my late 30s. My dentist treated it at first and at some point probably thought I needed specialist treatment and referred me to a periodontist. That was in 2002 in my early 40s.

Did I catch it at the earliest stage? ....... I don't think so. From what I know about periodontal issues, they can slowly progress without you really knowing. I've always been fastidious with visiting my dentist, but I'd noticed my gums were bleeding years before, but thankfully that's all in the past now......no more bleeding gums.

Good luck with your dental journey, it's hard to advise you, but just follow what you're told to do and I really hope you can eat your favourite treats, I really could not live without my favourite foods! As long as I clean my teeth well at the end of the day, I'm not going to deny myself.