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Dental cleaning/hygienist



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Sep 4, 2020
Our dental surgery (bupa) is due to Close very soon (one of 85 branches being closed due to unfortunately, lack of dentists). My dentist is moving to work solely at a private dental surgery which is also a bupa practice. Yesterday at my check up we discussed the closure and she is aware of my phobia. I mentioned I'd looked into the "Smile plan" where I'd have to pay £24 per month and this would get me 2x check ups, 2 hygienist appt and 2 sets of xray per year, if I moved to her other surgery.

So , iv gone to the dentist 6 monthly wherever possible and have never in my life been offered a hygienist appt. I presume I haven't needed one or they'd have offered it.

I brush and use tepe brushes daily. The dentist has always commented that although I have some large fillings from historical treatment, there are no issues currently etc .

So my question, the plan offers 2x cleans, do people need these only if they have plaque/calculus or would they be needed routinely? I'm trying to work out if I am wasting my money possibly by signing up to a scheme that offers this when iv never had or need it before. Would they not do a clean unless required or do hygienists do a clean routinely regardless?

Is it beneficial to have a clean even if no issues around build up, cleaning etc ?

Thank you.