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Dental clinic clossed for coronavirus prevention



Nov 26, 2019
I just received a phone call from my dental clinic saying they are clossing for some weeks for prevention so my next appointment is rescheduled. I know this is necessary but it's not helping with my anxiety :redface:
Hi melisa, sorry to read that. It is hard to get rescheduled after you prepared yourself for the appointment. On the other hand - this is a very stressful time for dentists and staff so maybe being seen during a calmer time will allow them to focus better on helping you and ease your anxiety. When will your next appointment be?
Hi Enarete, yeah I know they are in the first line and it’s dangerous for them (and the clients) so I understand it and support them. My appointment was next week but now I don’t know when they will call me again. I think this situation will take several weeks... Fortunately in the last visit my surgeon told me that some of the problems of my mouth are a bit better. I was looking forward to my next check-up because the last months I have been very worried about these non healing sockets. I hope they continue healing well withouth new complications!!

We must be patient and facilitate the work of the health staff in this crisis, and hope for the best :clover:

Stay safe guys and a big hug for all of you that help keeping us well and healthy