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Dental Crown Issues



Junior member
Feb 18, 2015

I got a root canal done in my 6th and 7th teeth on my left half. I have tried full ceramic crowns and later when they broke for numerous times I then shifted to full metal crowns.

But it seems it is not helping me much. The metal crown gets detached even after fixing it. I am really getting tired of all these things.

Is there any permanent solution for it so that the crowns don't come off every now and then? Also I am now thinking that I should leave the teeth without a crown. Would it be suitable? Just as an additional information dentist's say that the crown is not getting in its place and keeping its hold is because the crown has not that much space to keep the grip.


Well-known member
Verified dentist
Jul 19, 2009
Miami, Fl
Possible solutions are the following:
1. Surgery to expose more of your tooth. This is not unusual
2. Alter the shape of the tooth to increase retention by placing a groove in it.
3. Old technique called parallel pin technique where 1 or more holes are drilled into the tooth then the gold is cast to platinum-iridium alloy metal pins. Almost impossible to do today as it is a lost art.