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Dental Cyst



Junior member
Nov 18, 2009
I am very new to this, but do not know where else to turn. My husband has a severe phobia of the dentist. He has just found out from an endodontist that he has a large cyst above his 2 front teeth. It will need to be removed and he may need a bone graft to fill in the missing space. What are the side effects and possible complications of this procedure? Has anyone had it done who can allay some of his fears? At this point he is so afraid that he does not want to go for the procedure, but he is in constant pain now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Hi. Dont know if its any help but i had a very large bottom jaw cyst removed in 2007 in one respect my tooth had all ready been removed, i had to go to my local hospital because i had to have GA.
But i can assure your hubby there is not alot to worry about,my biggest fear was losing anymore teeth but i suppose he will have to lose at least one so they can get at it,my appointment was at 12.00pm and i was back home for 5.50pm job done,but he will have to have the cyst removed otherwise it will break his jaw with growth and that will be a bigger op,any more help pm me.
i think there was a wife on here recently posting something similar about her husband! lemme see if i can find the post name and you can check it out!
yup, i have no brain any more. my babies sucked it right out of me.

YOU are the wife ;)

sorry, i was so excited that i was going to be able to help! lol...
Formygirls- thanks so much for thinking of me. I really appreciate it!
Shimsham- thanks for sharing your story. I had 2 questions for you though. First of all, the doctor told my husband that there is a chance that the cyst could grow back. You had yours removed 2 years ago, have you had any recurrence, or has the doctor mentioned that to you? Also, about how long did it take you to totally heel? My husband had the surgery last Monday and he is still having some numbness in that area. He is afraid he may have permanent nerve damage, but I think it is still too soon to tell. Any input you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again to you both!
Theoretically, if there is any part of the cyst lining left behind during the surgery, then the cyst can regrow, but the chances are fairly remote. I've never seen it happen. It's one of the CYA things you need to say these days to keep the lawyers happy...

Altered sensation for about a fortnight is pretty common, if it's improving at all, then things will gradually get back to normal.