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Dental dilemma crowns and covid oh my!



Jan 20, 2020
What can I say. I am thankful for all the people here and the dentists who are kind enough to respond.

I would like to preface by saying prior to last spring I never had dental pain. Now I am not doing so hot! I had tooth #12 and #13 RCT. I thought I was ok and doing well but the dentist had issues on #13 and we had to saw off several crown attempts that did not seat correctly. It was traumatic. I have the third permanent on #13 and now that tooth feels strange. I get pain and now thinking all along it might have been #14 all this time. The pain can hit me with just working on the PC, not eating or drinking. I can go from a 0 to a 5 in 30 seconds. Doctors how do you determine if a patient has a dying tooth or if they have Atypical odontalgia or atypical facial pain? I am stumping both my dentist and Endodontist. #14 also has a crack running down the size however it's not sensitive to hot or cold at all. I also have many huge fillings in many teeth on that side of my mouth.

Lastly and sorry for the two part question. I have an old root canal tooth opposite side (15 yr old) and the crown now shows my brown tooth at the margin. It needs replaced. Does a root canal tooth last only as long as it's crown? Or can an old root canal tooth be recrowned? This is an old PFM crown.

If your still reading thank you. I am so scared to have theses issues through this whole pandemic. It's absolutely the scariest thing for me to think of something going really wrong and having to deal with the possibility of unbearable pain and not being able to get seen.
Can I do Q2 first, it's much easier! Yes, no issue with replacing the crown.

Atypical facial pain is really rare, normally the diagnosis is made after pretty much everything else is discounted. I would want to investigate the cracked tooth a bit further before considering that.
Dr. Gordon as always, thank you so much for your insight. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your taking the time to do this.