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Dental exam tomorrow...first dentist visit a maybe 5 years



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Sep 16, 2021
United States
Hello. I've been putting off going to the dentist for maybe 5-3 years now...last time I had a new dentist and I was told I had periodontis I believe. I got a deep cleaning and I remember that being kinda traumatic to me. I was gripping the armrests tightly and all tensed up because I could FEEL the stuff going underneath my gums and it was pretty bloody. They did numb me but I don't think it was numb enough because it still stung. I'm not sure if that's normal or I should've asked for more numbing. I was supposed to do a follow up a few months later but that never happened due to my fear. Also my teeth felt very loose after it and it freaked me out, fearing them falling out if I kept poking at them with a brush and floss. Felt loose for a few months actually I swear. Maybe a little less I don't know. Last year I started getting molar aches occasionally. I still have them and it still comes and goes. I also noticed I started clenching my jaw a lot and had allergies with sinus stuff so not sure if the ache is caused by all that. It's both sides of my upper molars around the same area.

Anyway I finally decided to call the dentist and see one again because it's better to address it than keep on putting it off until it becomes a bigger problem...I've only ever had 1 cavity that got filled so here's hoping it won't be that bad this time either. My bottom front teeth feel loose whenever I start up brushing and flossing again, and have noticed teeth sensitivity to cold and hot liquids now so that's not good...a little worried about that. They couldn't get me in for a cleaning until next February and I had the option to have my exam same day as cleaning, or get an exam earlier, and I opted for having it on the 12th so I could put my mind at ease from my worries hopefully. I can't remember what an oral exam entails. Dentist website said something about xray, checking all your teeth and I'm now anxious they're gonna be prodding my sensitive gums. My gums are very irritated with me for starting brushing and flossing again. I wish I brushed and flossed at a younger age, now that I'm 27 I'm embarrassed I don't do it daily all the time. My parents always hound me about it too. I feel like I am doing it more often this past year, but still definitely not regularly. I'll keep up with it for a few days maybe a week then forget to brush one night, then another then suddenly I'm too lazy to brush and I'm back to not brushing for weeks. Really gross I know. Anyway this time I'm actually planning on following up with the cleaning...hoping for not another deep cleaning but I know I will need one. Just hopefully this time I can get them to numb it better...

Funny how memories of painful dentist visits from childhood causes such a phobia. I still remember that one lady hygienist who didn't seem to care she was cutting up the corners of my mouth with the floss and making it very painful. Oh also I thought it was a bit weird but for my deep cleaning I did last time, it was done in a single session within half an hour max. But I've read it takes 2 cleanings usually.
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So I had my exam. Heard this guy getting an infected tooth pulled moaning in pain while I waited for the Dentist to come check my mouth out...

Turns out I have 3 cavities on my upper left molars and need a gum graft on my bottom front tooth with a very low gum line. Also still have my wisdom teeth but they didn't' even mention them this time. I guess it could've been worse but now I'm anxious for the gum graft...got referred to a Periodontist for this. Dentist said my bottom front teeth have some mobility and said it might be to having tarter and plaque down there and we'll see if it tightens up with the cleaning, which won't be for another 4 months.
@FranticLemming good for you to go after so long! My longest time of staying away from the dentist was approximately 19 years and I also took another two year break so I know it is so hard to go back. It sounds like you can start making some progress, and it could have been worse. Someone I know just had a gum graft on several molars and she said it wasn't that bad, she did get prescribed a pill for anxiety. Why do you have to wait four months for a cleaning?
@NervousUSA Thank you. My mom had a gum graft done when she was 18 and she said it was very painful and she'd just lay out in her sisters backyard in the grass from the pain. Does NOT reassure me at all hearing that. >.< That being said I only need 1 tooth done. They couldn't fit me in for a cleaning for 4 months when I made the initial call. I opted for the exam early so I wouldn't have to worry about it since my anxiety was getting so bad the last week about my teeth. All started with my overjet bugging me and then clenching started and in turn that caused molar aches to come back...hahaha..
@FranticLemming What your mom says does sound scary. One thought I have is that if this was a while ago that she was 18, the technique may have improved. Dentistry was very painful, I have been told, up until around 1980. My parents are baby boomers and they had horrible painful experiences with dentistry in the past, especially with lack of anesthesia, that wouldn't happen today. Even in the 90s I remember no topical anesthesia before injections, like I have been getting now, and some other procedures being worse than they are now. The woman I talked to who said it wasn't that bad had her gum graft in the last couple months.

I feel you with those orthodontic problems and clenching, I have that too, but with my front teeth.
@NervousUSA Yeah it was awhile ago. I've heard there has been a huge improvement. Well I hope it all goes well. I'm very nervous. The place I was referred to has mixed recent reviews and is a normal dentist practice. Thinking I should just go to a Periodontist place but worried about costs...
Little update, I have my cavity fillings on the 27th. Eager to stop the toothaches hopefully. Little nervous, but then I remember I have had a filling before and it wasn't too traumatic. Also scheduled to see the place I was referred to for a gum evaluation on the 20th. The phone call to the place left much to be desired though with the receptionist's attitude and mumbling. The second receptionist was more friendly. Don't know if I'll be going with them for the actual thing, so I'm still looking around for options and sending out emails. So far I've contacted 3 places. Haven't heard back from any just yet. Figured I might as well get a quote though and see what they say. But if I hear back from the other places with decent prices before then I may just cancel that appointment entirely.
That is great you are getting the cavities filled, hopefully it stops the toothaches. It sounds like you are making great progress in getting everything taken care of. Fillings are really not that bad, at least for me. It sounds like a good idea to check around different places over the gum issue and choose the best option.
Hey good for you for taking the leap! I feel very scared about what the dentist will tell me next month after not going for 5 years. My gums are bad, I worry I'll need a deep cleaning and I can't afford it yay (sigh)

Keep us updated!
You're doing awesome tackling this whole dentist thing! Although I wouldn't wish this kind of fear on anyone, it is good to feel less alone. My friends are sympathetic but don't really understand. I hope you'll keep us updated. :)
How are things going? Did you do the gum grafting. I have to make an appointment soon and I’m terrified I haven’t been in…like a lifetime. I’m TERRIFIED but it helps reading all these posts and hearing that other ppl are going through the same thing
Good for you handling everything despite your fears! Hope you are proud of yourself!!!