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Dental Fear and Bulimia



Junior member
May 30, 2022
New Jersey
Hi all,

I have been up and down struggling with Bulimia for 25 years. I have had lots of cavities and a few root canals. I have a dentist appointment in 4 days and think I can see a cavity. I also have a filling in my front tooth that looks a little off. I have some pain but I think it’s sensitivities. I am so phobic of going. I don’t mind the pain or the procedure, it’s the shame. I feel so ashamed. Plus the money. My husband lost his job and got a new one at half his salary and we just don’t have the money to be forking over hundreds of dollars. I’m so scared!!!!!
Hi @Hyacynthe, sorry to see that you haven't had any replies yet! Is your appointment tomorrow? If so, the very best of luck with it :hug4::clover:! You really shouldn't feel ashamed, any dentist who works with nervous patients will know what bulimia can do to teeth, and should be happy to help you rather than think badly of you in any way. Is this a new dentist you're seeing, or someone you've met before?

Please let us know how it goes :grouphug: