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Dental fear and root canals



Junior member
Feb 6, 2022
Not sure if I have posted my story re fear of dentists and my root canal treatment. Last year I posted about 2 extractions which were plain sailing after getting myself into a complete wreck of nerves. My fear comes from dental experience from a horrible dentist as a child. Imagine my dismay and total anxiety when I went for a check up late last summer after having extractions within the past year to be told 2 root canals were needed, even worse I had no pain from those teeth and it would cost. My NHS dentist knew I am very nervous and referred me to an endodontist not covered by the NHS. So to my dismay not only a terrible fear but at a big cost as well. However it had to be done. The thought of seeing someone who I didn't even know or knew me made me very nervous. Days before the initial consultation I could not sleep and I walked into the surgery shaking. I then burst into tears and could not stop crying during the whole consultation. The endodontist was very calm and explained everything this helped a little and a date was fixed with a 2 hour appointment and another one after that. All I could think about leading up to the 1st appointment was fear. The day arrived and I put on a brave face, shaking I walked in and sat in the chair. Dreading the worst pain, discomfort and loss of control . He started with the top back tooth sprayed something and numbed the area. Didn't feel any of the injections. He put the dam in place, a bit fiddly and a little uncomfortable but nothing really. He started, took his time and 1st root canal done in 2 hours. No pain whatsoever and could swallow as dam was in place. He massaged my jaw when finished and no pain from having my mouth open for so long. Next appointment lasted 1 hour as root was bent around the base and more tricky, he started and it was completed a week later with another 1.5 hour appointment. The treatment I got was really good and I have had no problems at all from the moment it was done. I almost feel silly for getting into such a state about going and now if given the choice root canal or extraction I will try to save my tooth with root canal.