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Dental implant pain 3 years later?


Holly Golightly

Junior member
Sep 4, 2010

I had an implant fitted 3 years ago without any problems. I also had another fitted next to it two years ago. both have always been fine but very occasionally I get a mild pain in my jaw. Today i was brushing my teeth and felt a sharp pain in gum below the implant. It doesn't hurt to bite on but now I am paranoid there is a problem. I have been poking around with my finger and it seems okay now but there is a slight aching feeling deep in my jaw.

I am currently living abroad without easy access to a dentist but I am terrified there is a problem.

Does anyone have any advice/recommendations?

Thanks :)
see a dentist as soon as possible. If that is impossible see a medical person to see if you have an infection and if so get treated for the infection and then follow up with a dentist who knows implants.
and clean it.
most common problem is a localised gum infection from plaque or foodpacking