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Dental Implant Procedure + Crown - Smoother than I anticipated



May 21, 2014
You can probably look back on my posts to see what some of my issues were with tooth #30 and #31. Essentially over the course of a couple of years back in like 2013-2015 I had a lot of work done on that. I eventually stopped because a holistic dentist wanted to do more work on my teeth than I felt was necessary... this also meant I stopped my cleanings as well. He also left me with a bridge that connected only two teeth, thus messing up my bite and jaw pretty good over the course of the next 5 years.

From there on out, I was afraid to even go back to the dentist because of the negative experience. Top this with having extreme neck issues and everything didn't mix. Fast forward to 2020, I had tooth #30 extracted.. this was a very traumatizing experience to me... during a pandemic and 2 months right before I had neck surgery number 1 of 2, where things were just almost to a point where I was almost paralyzed and yet I'm fighting through a tooth pull that legit saw the dentist one foot on the chair yanking out a fracture tooth in pieces because of a failed root canal. This also was costly in my pocket because they did NOT take my insurance.

One year later and here I am... I found a new dentist who decided he wanted to continue the dental implant, give me a new crown on tooth #31 (the old one fell out and was never covering the tooth all the way AND had a hole in it) and before any of this, he wanted to get a cleaning in on me too since I never had one for 6 years now.

The good news? I was absolutely 100% comfortable with this dentist. He was extremely kind, him and his staff and the dental hygenist doing the cleaning were very gental and they they did everything to PERFECTION and are getting me on the right track (100% covered by insurance)... My fear was more of that drilling the hole in my jaw and getting yet another screw placed inside of my body, but this went much better than I thought and besides the vibrations, I felt nothing.. and the best part? He got me numb on the very first try. Something no other dentist I've been to has been able to do since my original one I used to see retired!

Needless to say, I am no longer afraid of any dental procedures and I look forward to going to the dentist again because of this man and his practice!