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Dental Implant surgery - Petrified!



Junior member
Aug 22, 2019
Reading, England
Hi all, new to the forum with such an intense dental history. I currently have a denture for my front 6 teeth (top) and have a missing molar on both left and right side. I’m going in tomorrow for dental implants - dentist reckons two in the front to hold a bridge for 6 teeth plus one one each molar side. My teeth were extracted 6 yrs ago (under GA) and bone was grafted back then - he says it’s now nice and healthy and a good foundation. I’ve made him aware that I am honestly petrified and so I’m having IV sedation but I’m so scared that 1. I’ll feel it / remember it and 2. It’s going to hurt ? I’m scared of being uncomfortable, feeling pressure, hearing noise... I’m so nervous ? Of course I’ve read many success stories and equally as many bad reactions. The IV sedation is Midazolam and many people say it was as if they were asleep so I’m hoping that’s my story too...

Welcome to DFC.. glad you are here and writing about your upcoming implants. You have alot of people who went through simliar fears and situations! You are quite brave doing this despite your fears and sounds like your dentist is supportive and aware of your concerns . Great job making him really aware of all of this too!

I can say in my experience, I"ve had two implants placed in different areas, going through the 2nd one now. and I would not hestiate to do more,, though who really wants to do more,, but both have been a decent experience for me and the first implant ,it came out great and I love the end result of being able to chew better in that area. The second one I'm in the middle of and looking forward to getting the crown on it but have a few months to go on that. As for the midzolam, I've have a combo midzolam and fentanyl. and haven't remembered a thing. it was like a sweet sleep and a little tired after. So hope it is same for you!

Wishing you all the best in your appt tomorrow. Keep us updated and write as often as you are anxious.
I have had one implant placed and am getting two more next month (same appointment).
I was terrified as well, but honestly it was easier than the extraction. I just had nitrous so I was aware during the procedure. (I would have preferred IV sedation but it is out of my price range here). I was absolutely petrified of the drill, as I hate the drill for cavities, but honestly it wasn't anything like that. In fact when he was done, I was surprised. Recovery was quick. Two days after it barely hurt at all.
I totally agree with you Mountain mama... I feel the same the drilling for implants is not as bad for me either as with cavaties. its just a gentle straight shot and seeming not as much noise
I had an implant with just local anesthetic and it really was so much easier that I anticipated. It was definitely easier than any of the extractions I’ve had. I had no pain at all during the procedure and very little after. The noises also seemed quieter compared to fillings or extractions. You’re having sedation so you really should remember/feel anything, but just wanted to reassure you that it’s really way less awful than you imagine.
Hi everyone xx Thanks for your replies. It’s been 3 days since the surgery...

The IV sedation didn’t work ? I was crying in the chair, it took nearly 2 hours.

The healing hasn’t been too bad until today, I’m having a sharp intermittent pain through one of the implants - I don’t know if this is normal or a sign of a rejection and I’m terrified ?
It is still early yet. My pain was gone quickly, but it was way more than other people had when the anesthesia wore off. I actually had posted on here in a panic that I wanted the implant out immediately! Then it was so much better the next day. So my experience was atypical as well. If you had multiple implants I would think it would be more healing time. I hope it goes away for you quickly!