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Dental implant surgery success



Junior member
Sep 13, 2021
I had my first ever dental implant procedure today after a successful tooth extraction a few months ago.

I got incredibly nervous beforehand and this forum has always helped me with my dental fears so wanted to post my success story here.

I was shaking in the dentist chair as he numbed me up but honestly that was probably the worst part of the whole procedure. It’s a fairly long one having an implant but my dentist was gentle, took it very slowly and did minimal drilling. It’s much quieter and way less drilling than getting a filling too. Honestly what I found hardest to handle was some of the scraping sounds so if I ever have another one I will bring ear buds and listen to music, but honestly even that was just a few seconds of strangeness. Otherwise, whilst it wasn’t exactly relaxing it was a fairly comfotable experience. 12 hours later I’m sore but no intense pain and I’m just taking my painkillers regularly and rinsing with special mouthwash from my dentist.

One thing I learned after my tooth extraction was to move all my work meetings the next day and just do work that doesn’t involve talking. I have two stitches in my gum and talking for too long is the only thing that induces a bit of pain. My extraction healed perfectly but I was swollen for longer than average so am preparing for this to happen again too. Remember no one’s experience or recovery is ever the same so don’t panic if you take a while to recover- both extractions and implants are major procedures.

It’s such an incredible relief to get it done as well. I know how much dental fear can take over so I hope this helps someone in some small way. It really helps to have a dentist you like and trust too. Mine is incredibly kind and knowing how well he managed my extraction has put me more at ease. Always happy to answer questions too if anyone is going through the same treatment at the moment
Thank you for sharing!! I will be getting a tooth implant this year hopefully (extraction first) and I am nervous about it. It is nice to read people who have good experiences
Well done! I have had four implants now, and found the experience much easier than a filling or extraction. I can’t take anti-inflammatory meds so I always have a lot of swelling and the implant procedure was about the same as an extraction for me with swelling, but the pain was gone after just a few days vs a few weeks with the extraction.
Update- 6 days post extraction everything is healing nicely and down to just taking a couple of paracetamol at the end of the day as tend to get a bit achey after a day of talking and running around.

I did want to say though, as it took my by surprise, I was completely knocked out the first 3 days. My cheek swelled up, I found it hard to talk, was in some discomfort and just beyond exhausted. Honestly if I had just taken the next two days off work I think I would have been fine but I tried to keep going which was a mistake. Was definitely in less pain then after extraction but it took a bigger physical toll on me- maybe because I had bone graft at same time?

I thought it might help people not worry as much if they knew they might feel it for a couple of days and that is totally normal. I’ve healed well and fast with no infection but sometimes anaesthetic and a proper operation can just take it out of you. In terms of healing though it’s been so much faster than the extraction and no anxiety about dry socket. I did panic for a minute because I couldn’t see the healing cap but apparently it’s normal to be hidden by some swelling and healing tissue for a few days so don’t panic if that happens to you!
Hi, I was wondering how long did the implant procedure took? Did you have to open your mouth for a long time ?
Hi there- it took about an hour from first injection to finish so probably about 45 mins with my mouth open- but honestly more relaxing than a filling. They made me come in an hour early to take antibiotics before the op as well - I think that’s pretty common. It’s definitely not a procedure I would worry about if I had to have it again in future and my implant and crown feels like a normal tooth in my mouth now.