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Dental Implants done 3 days ago - terrified of rejection



Junior member
Aug 22, 2019
Reading, England
I had my dental implants done on Friday. 2 in the upper front to hold a bridge of 6 teeth and 1 on each side upper (with sinus lifts). The procedure was traumatic to say the least but the healing has been ‘OK’ until today. I am getting sharp pain through the left front implant, almost like having a sensitive tooth except there isn’t one. It’s a bank holiday here in the UK so can’t speak to my dentist until tomorrow and now I’m driving myself neurotic that the implant is rejecting. Is this a normal pain early on in the healing process? Help ?
Hi Shadow0nyx,

It is very early days, any pain you are feeling now is most likely related to the healing wound rather than rejection of the implant, which generally does not cause pain when it happens. So hopefully things should be OK