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Dental Implants Question



Jul 8, 2021
United States
In a couple of weeks, I will have the surgical guide placed for two teeth that I had extracted last summer. I did fine with the extractions and had no issues, but for some reason, I am terrified of the implant process. I think the idea of having screws inserted in my gums is making me having anxiety, and I have horrible health anxiety to begin with! Can someone help me with a few things and lead me through the process (how long does the guided surgery take, recovery time, possible complications, when can I get the actual teeth placed, will people see the screws if the two teeth are in the rear of the mouth)? Sorry for all the questions. Just trying to help my anxiety!
Honestly, I thought the implant placement was so much easier than the extraction. I have had three molar implants. I opted for nitrous oxide with both extractions and implants, as it helps with anxiety and with the local anesthetic working, which I have issues with.

It is a fairly quick process. I couldn’t tell you how long exactly, since nitrous kind of distorts your sense of time, but it seemed like the appointment was scheduled for 45 minutes and I was out in 30. The implant won’t actually go in your gums…it goes in the jaw bone. Depending on how your surgeon does it, it may either involve making a cut in the gums to expose the bone and then stitching it up after, or using a tool like a hole punch where they just remove a small circle of gum and then place the implant, with no stitches. I have had both ways done. Once the implant is placed, they put a healing cap over it, which stays exposed at gum level.

The recovery is easier than extraction. Usually you feel sore the first and second day and then feel somewhat normal the third day. With one of mine, I felt almost normal the day after. I just took Tylenol for mine.

I have had implants for my lower first molars and one of the second molars. No one will see them unless you show them.

Crowns can go in between 3 to 4 months after the implant is placed.
Thank you so much for your reply! I feel MUCH better knowing that if I survived extraction, then I can survive this!

Were you able to get all the implants done at the same time? Once the crown is placed, any recovery time for that or particular things that I need to do after I get them? I feel like it’s hard to get used to fake teeth in my mouth!
@Chloe06 I had my molars all done at different times because they had issues at different times. However, when I had one of my first molars implant put in, I also had an extraction and implant placed on my front tooth. It was no problem to do them at the same time, so I can’t imagine yours wouldn’t be able to be done at the same time.

After the implant you have to avoid crunchy or sticky food for a few weeks, then I was told I could eat normally but just to try to not bite directly on the healing cap if it could be avoided. I stuck to mostly a softer foods diet…I basically avoided things that were crunchy out of an abundance of caution.

Once the crown is placed you have no restrictions. You can eat whatever you want and there is no healing. It doesn’t hurt at all with the crowns.

I was worried about the fake feeling also, but they only felt weird about a week and now I can’t even tell, except for the front tooth. The only time it feels weird is when I am biting into something harder, because I don’t “feel” it. It is hard to explain, but until you have a fake tooth in the front, you don’t realize that you feel the pressure on your front teeth when biting. I don’t really notice it otherwise. My molars feel just like regular teeth.
I agree with @MountainMama. I’ve had multiple extractions and am in the process of three implants. I had a sinus lift/bone grafting back in April. One implant was placed at that time. It was a breeze, honestly. So much easier than I imagined, which is usually the case. mine is currently under my gums and this Monday he will expose it to get it ready for the crown. You’ll be fine, really. @MountainMama helped me so much with my questions too. So reassuring to hear from others experience and advice. good luck! Feel free to ask anything else!
Thank you both SO VERY MUCH! Did you dentists do this by a surgical guide? If so, what is that? Tomorrow I am going in for a mouth scan so that they can make the guide.
@Chloe06 my surgeon did not. I just had moulds done at my dentists office that he used for placement. obviously I’m not a dentist but I believe the surgical guide way is more advanced? It seems like the moulds and implant placement planning are done by your scan.
Surgical guide is a bit of plastic made to fit precisely over your jaw bones which acts as a template and a guide for where the implants are to be placed. A quick google (Dental Implant Surgical Guide) will bring up loads of photos.
I found out today I have a small fracture in the tooth next to the extracted one, so I will need a crown on that tooth. They don’t want to do the crown until after the implants, so it will be about 5 weeks. Should I avoid eating anything crunchy in that time? Can I eat regular but just chew on the opposite side? I am so frustrated.
Nope, just eat as normal. Whatever you decide to eat makes no difference, the hardest thing teeth encounter when chewing is each other, so the cracked tooth is going to be meeting its opposite tooth no matter what...

Thank you so much! Is getting a crown an easy process?
It's pretty much like a filling, bit more faffing about with impressions etc but from the patient's perspective it's pretty similar.