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Dental infection



Junior member
Jun 17, 2020
I was diagnosed with a dental infection in one of my teeth around a year ago, but it was likely there before. The dentist said it was a rather "big" infection and showed me the x-ray where there was a dark shadow near the tooth. Although that didn't mean much to me.

The dentist said that I would require a root canal on that tooth sooner or later. However, he did some tests and I felt a sensation on the tooth. The dentist was surprised of this because he thought the tooth wouldn't due to the infection. Their advise was to monitor it and come back every 6-12 months to check it again.

I'm now due an appointment which has been cancelled due to the pandemic and in absolutely scared that this infection could spread to other teeth and result in them needed treatment.

I believe it's a root canal infection due to my gums being 0s and in good overall shape. I get a slight burning feeling on my gums near this tooth now though.

My question is what's the likelihood of this spreading to other teeth in my mouth?


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
Absolutely no chance, dental infections don't work like that.


Junior member
Jul 20, 2017
My periodontist referred me to an endodontist (just prior to pandemic shutdown) because he saw what looked like an infection on my x-ray. At that point, I didn't feel any discomfort and the tooth was not loose. Over the course of the shutdown, things did get worse and the tooth loosened. Once things started to open up (pandemically speaking) I got the root canal done. Endodontist said the longevity of the tooth was iffy, but it looked good inside. Six weeks or so after the root canal, the tooth tightened up, wow. I still had the infection draining around the gum line when I pushed on it with a q-tip so I kept working at it with baking soda (it's not toxic so I figured worth a try). Evidently, antibiotics don't do much and can't get at these infections very well. I'm super happy with the endodontist. Going to the periodontist next week for cleaning, then dentist for restoration after root canal.