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dental infections



Junior member
Apr 21, 2010
I had a tooth that was not bothering me but the dentist at the time said I should replace the filling and eventually get a crown. After the filling the tooth hurt so I went back and the dentist said I need a root canal on the tooth. He said I could wait it out, so I did for about 2 months. The infection spread through my body. After antibiotics I got a root canal and it failed. I had the tooth extracted. Then the tooth just above it started up and I got a root canal right away. Last night I got very sick and tasted a horrible drainage from it. I was supposed to have the root canal finished today and the dentist said he couldn't find the 3rd root and dismissed me. He refunded my money and I had to insist on antibiotics from him. I have an appt. with a specialist tomorrow. I am worried that this problem might never end and might just keep spreading. I am also wondering if the first dentist did something to cause this. Also if this tooth gets pulled I will lose my perminate bridge but it would be better than to have infection spread through my body. Also tonight even with the antibiotic I am not feeling very well. :confused:
I'm really sorry to hear you are feeling so unwell.I don't have any information for you on this but hopefully a dentist or other more knowledgable member will be able to help you soon.I was very worried about sepsis and infections and it spreading to my blood stream when I had gum disease before my extractions and I had two lots of antibiotics post extractions.I think, but I'm far from certain, that it tends to stay in the mouth although I really don't know.I hope you can get this sorted soon :XXLhug:.
Infection doesn't usually spread through the bloodstream from dental problems, it tends to be localised to the teeth, it sounds like the dentist has done the right thing by you, both by arranging for the specialist to treat you and refunding your cash. Hopefully the endodontist will sort it all out tomorrow for you.