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Dental pain in tooth (2 teeth away) next to crown



Junior member
Jan 8, 2017
I had a permanent crown put on yesterday and it feels normal... for some reason, the tooth 2 teeth away from it feels sensitive when I push on it or bite on it (with no food) now. It's close one of the sharp teeth close to the front and I don't remember having problems with it before.

I do have TMJ and RA... so I dk if it could be related to that. The back of the tooth is more sensitive than the front...

I am a little freaked out about it because I do get very nervous with the dentist and just had this crown done. I don't want to have to go in again for another one... or root canal!

Any idea what this might be?
I’m not a dentist but speaking from personal experience, it could be that your bite is a bit off from the new crown and maybe affecting the way that tooth is making contact with the surrounding teeth causing sensitivity. Sometimes you just need a quick bite adjustment to fix the problem...hopefully, that’s all it is!

mad KitKat said, it might be a matter of small adjustment by shaving off.
It is also important to remember that Our mouth is filled with nerves and very sensitive to changes and a dental bridge is even a bigger change than a solitary crown or filling.
If the current situation is not causing you too much discomfort, you can wait a few more weeks, it might adjust by itself.