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Dental pain when eating.


fiona x

Junior member
Mar 19, 2016
Hello new here.

I recently got an emergency appointment for dental pain in my back tooth which is broken. I finished two antibiotics on monday night and was back at the dentist on wednesday. The tooth has to come out under sedation as they will need to lift the gum and stitch it. I have to wait 6 weeks for this. He says gentle tip corsodyl over the area which i have been doing since thursday night were i am holiding onto the sink its that painful. Also taken regular paracetamol and brufen for 2 weeks now. The main struggle but is eating. Even soup and foods that dont need chewed are killing me. Eatings that much of a hassle i am only eating when i really have to and am starting to feel light headed. Great for my diet but.

Please someone help or reassure me a few more days of corsodyl will help x


Well-known member
Forum Buddy
Jan 5, 2012
Contact the dentist again and explain how bad you feel see if they could fit you in sooner if they had a cancellation that you could take.


Well-known member
Feb 11, 2016
Agreed with last person.Sometimes they can fit people in. There supposed to have enough room in the booking where a emergency can happen and get that person in soon enough, I would call and see if they can get you in quicker. Its it getting better or worst? If worst then id call them sooner you call the sooner you can get in there,
I was also feeling light headed when my fillings. Make sure to try to keep eating something

Just my opinion