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Dental Phobia Ahead of Appt



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Mar 9, 2022
I have an appointment tomorrow for the first time in 7 years. Last visit was a tough root canal and I had extreme heart palpitations and felt sick after numbing injection. It terrified me and gave me PTSD. Although I have learned this can be normal, I already have health anxiety and have struggled being taken seriously by healthcare professionals. I have allergies that have come about over the years too which scares me.

Tomorrow is a consult. I had a tooth that was already chipped break in the middle (furthest molar on bottom right) and I filled it temporarily with Dentek. I have a tooth in front of that which needs work. I also need 2 crowns that I never got after root canals and some gum swelling. I scheduled a consult to be an icebreaker but I have a fear there will be some emergency situation where they say we need to do this right now or else. Is that common or likely? I am so worried with fear I can't eat and the thought of going is making me sick.

IDK how they will fix the crack and I am so scared. I AM SO WORRIED to get numbed again. Or I am terrified to have to get a root canal. If I didn't have to be numbed I wouldn't even worry as much.

I have put a photo of the tooth with the Dentek and the one in front which needs work.


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Hugs Hun ? I Know How Nerve Wracking Dentistry Can Be So I Completely Understand Why You Are Worried But Tomorrow I Think They Will Probably Just Do A Consult ? From The Looks Of The Picture The Tooth Could Be Filled.. Although I’m Not A Dentist So Can’t Be Certain!!

What Part About Getting Numbed Scares You..? Is It The Feeling Of It Or The Injection..?

Laura xx
@lleigh26 Hi Laura, thank you for kind comments. Hugs back! What scares me about the injection is my previous injections. I have had extreme reactions with heart racing, sick to stomach, hot flushing that didn't pass once receiving the numbing injection which makes me worry I am too sensitive to the solution used. Along with that I have allergies so I fear an allergic reaction. They did say tomorrow is a consult and X-rays/exam so that's good, but my fear is making me have lots of worries.
@conqueringfears Is It A New Dentist You Are Seeing Or A Previous One..?

It Would Probably Be Good To Express Your Concerns To The Dentist.. You Could Also Ring Up & Explain That You Are A Nervous Patient & They Might Offer An Additional Few Minutes Onto Your App Time To Talk About Your Concerns ? xx
I have a fear there will be some emergency situation where they say we need to do this right now or else. Is that common or likely?
You are perfectly within your rights to refuse any treatment at any time, emergency or not.

It's very uncommon that a dentist will have enough time in their appointment schedule to just do a big treatment item on the fly in any case.
@lleigh26 thank you so much for your kind comments.