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Dental Phobia for no reason



Junior member
Jul 12, 2021

Just thought I would share my story. I have always been scared of the dentist, but weirdly not about the actual process of getting work done or being in the chair, but more the fear of what they were going to tell me as I’m so scared of losing my teeth.
For this reason I haven’t seen a dentist in years. Due to how scared I am of losing my teeth, however, I have looked after them almost to an obsessive level over these years I haven’t seen a dentist. I don’t eat much sugar and floss, water floss, brush etc religiously.

Well I went to the dentist today, terrified and convinced myself I needed fillings, root canals, teeth out etc. Turns out I need no work doing and the dentist praised me on how well I look after my teeth as there was only a slight bit of build up behind my bottom teeth which I going back in for a hygienist cleaning tomorrow.
Just wanted to share as I know how easy it is to catastrophize, and I worried all those years for nothing!


Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
Hi glitter12, thanks so much for sharing your story and congratulations on finding the courage to go ?! Great to hear that you had such good news, after all those years of worry ?.

Wishing you all the best for your cleaning tomorrow!