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Dental Scanners



Junior member
Apr 6, 2024
So my second time at the dentist they used the scanner on my mouth. At first I was impressed on how how great it was that they have such advanced technology. But coincidentally, I noticed that each time they used the scanner on me I got sick. I thought hmmmm there's no cover or protective covering that gets thrown away for each use, so how do they clean it? Did they clean it? I didn’t say anything. But the question is; Is this a coincidence? Everyone says that I’m being paranoid. Then made me think even on the lamp that they use above you. Did they replace the plastic or the covering on the handles every time patients come in and out? I have not ever seen them replacing it!!! paranoid? I don’t think so. Just really not happy because the dentist himself is wonderful but his office practices and staff aren’t cleaning the rooms after each patient. That’s what I believe. Paranoid? Or coincidence?