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Dental school questions



Sep 19, 2022
I contacted a dental school in my state to see if I can get an exam and cleaning. I’ve never been to a dental school, can I be assured the students will do a good job? And can I schedule an appointment a few months ahead of time?

I’m also anxious I’ll be judged, as students they probably haven’t had intense cases yet. I have gingivitis and I fear it’s advanced to where I need a deep cleaning. Can a dental student do deep cleanings? Will I be judged?
Hey there,

from reading around here, a dental school is a good way to get treatment. The students need to check with their supervisor after every step so they can't really do much "wrong". When it comes to judgment, I don't think so - the students will most likely be very nervous themselves, probably being afraid that either you or their supervisor will judge them :) Also, cleaning super healthy teeth is probably boring so they will sure be happy to see anything "more advanced".