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Dental stress


Memoona Farooq

Junior member
Mar 25, 2024
I recnetly started brushing my teeth twice a day before i ised to brush just in the morning and that not even for proper 2 minutes...it recently hit me when i was feleing a bit low that my teeth appear yellow to other people and i cannot let go of that feeling since than i have tartar build up on lower bottom teeth...i scared hell to go to the dentist plus dentist here are very expensive and i cannot regulary visit tha dentist i am so depreesed about it that it has started hindering my normla everyday life
@Memoona Farooq It's good that you increased brushing your teeth. Sorry to hear you are dealing with these issues though. I worry about how my teeth look too sometimes, what helps me is to realize that in daily life most people don't look at other people too closely, and don't really care about details like their teeth. If you look around on this site there might be some pages that could have useful information. I thought I would put a few links to them here in case it helps you.