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Dental Surgery under IV Sedation today! - feel free to ask me questions



Junior member
May 11, 2011
Hello everyone!

The title pretty much says it all, I had two surgical extractions done and a filling under IV sedation today, the appointment was 09:30 22/08/2015. I must admit this is my second time receiving treatment under IV Sedation and it was fab! I am like a mini expert now! lol :jump::grin:

If you would like a run through step by step of what actually happens then please have a look at my first experience using IV Sedation:

This was me receiving treatment for the first time in 12 years back in 2011 with 4 surgical extractions done at the same time.

I have next week off work, and i am unable to drink or smoke or eat steak or have sex or do anything that we all enjoy and take for granted! So as a return of gratitude to this site and all its members, I will be logging into this site everyday for the next week so should anyone have any questions in relation to treatment under IV sedation then please feel free to post here, I will be more than happy to help you or advise you the best way i can.

Please note i am not a dentist, just a very happy 28 year old male who has no toothache for the first time in 3 weeks!

Much love! :love::p:innocent::clover::jump::giggle::devilish:
Thank you for posting your success story I am sure that in time there may be some people that will have questions for you. I think you have already helped with the telling of your experience.

All the best to you :butterfly:
Hope it all went well. Nearly a month passed so you should have a good idea of short and long term effects. Apart from normal (?) phobia patient worries I`m curious about your recovery period. I need a lot of work done but run my own small business which means holidays almost don`t exist if I want the business to survive so to read you say that you`ve taken a week off work worries me. Have you or anyone else reading an idea of recovery periods for multi extractions etc?
I'm not sure why you would need a week off from work for 2 teeth being extracted?? I had 9 back teeth done with iv sedation and I was fine in a few days.. I had myself so worried about it all before hand that when I actually had it done I was pain free in about 3 days?? To tell you the truth I hardly remember any of it now and I had it done in May..
Signgirl everyone is different and we all take different times with healing. Some people are feeling fine in a couple of days and others take a bit longer. Some people have to come to terms mentally when having teeth extracted and if someone takes a couple of days, weeks or even months to feel comfortable with their treatment it is all okay.

Worried what treatment are you having ?

You can do things in parts you don't need to get everything done at once. You can also have one or two teeth extracted or if you prefer you can have multiple teeth extracted. There is no reason that you wouldn't be able to work and I understand that self employment isn't something you can take time off from.

There will probably be no reason you cannot work, have you discussed this with the dentist that is doing your treatment. :butterfly: