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dental terms

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I was looking through the list of treatments my dentist is doing for me but im just curious to know what these terms mean lol.
just helps calm the nerves i guess

i am aware the UR UL LR LL are upper lower left right etc

UR1 - DP
UR5 - DO
UR6 - MO
So the letters refer to the individual surfaces of the tooth that the filling will involve
M ( mesial)- surface between the teeth facing the front
D (distal)- surface of the tooth facing the back of the mouth
O (occlusal) - biting surface of back tooth
B (buccal) surface facing the cheeks or lips
P (palatal) surface facing the palate on upper teeth)
L (lingual) surface facing the tongue on lower teeth
I (incisal) biting surface of front teeth

So in you first example the filling will involve the back inside surface of your upper left first incisor.